GDC Engineering holds full TC (Type Certification) level though our EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) without limitations.



GDC Engineering holds full TC (Type Certification) level though our EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA) without limitations with an exception to aircraft software. This approval status extends through both EASA, via our DOA and FAA approvals via our US ODA. Our capabilities allow us to not only develop engineering design but to also develop EASA Part 145 and EASA Part G manufacturing accomplishment instructions EO’s (engineering orders). GDC works closely with our maintenance origination partners to ensure the transition from the engineering departments to the shop floor are met with minimal liaison activities.


GDC has developed and supported major STC modifications from the design and certification of full scale engineering programs covering primary structure such as cargo door conversion, large external IFE antenna, VVIP and commercial aircraft cabin reconfigurations to minor modifications such as antenna relocations. We actively support, with our certification expertise and agency privileges, programs to fully develop our own EASA / FAA approved STC’s in support of market needs including the mandated ADS-B out and in programs. We are also actively involved in all Boeing and Airbus aircraft airframes, systems and electrical requirements.

STC and Aircraft Modifications

To take the design engineering and certification disciplines to actual realization, our parent company GDC Technics have the capabilities to make the engineering data provided into the finished requirements. GDC Technics hold full EASA 145, EASA Part G and FAA maintenance and part production approvals to support every requirement from full VVIP aircraft completions programs to minor change client requested modifications. The capabilities and approvals cover all the aerospace requirements for production, maintenance and modification. All tasks are carried out at their recently refurbished 21 century high tech facilities in Texas, establishing them as a world leaders and a proven global provider for aircraft completions, modifications and maintenance programs.

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