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Founded in  1995, GDC Engineering provides the global aerospace industry the full range of engineering services, modifications, systems development, aircraft maintenance and cabin completions. Since 2014  GDC Engineering belongs to GDC Technics Ltd a VIP completion company based in San Antonio and Dallas.

We don‘t only lead the industry in modifying the next generation airplanes we actually participate in their original design.

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Our vast engineering services portfolio ranges from design, development and certification services as well as technical publications up to our own products (STCs). In conjunction with our mother company GDC we are offering our customers VIP completions with delivery of hardware and STC

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GDC Engineering is a Quality and Customer oriented company. The Quality Management System of the GDC Engineering Group is certified according to DIN EN 9100:2009 / SAE AS 9100:2009 Quality Standards for the Aerospace Quality Management System Requirements.

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